Fashion: Chic PUP

Hello everyone, aren't we all glad Friday is here? 

Especially after the 4th of July festivities! I'm here to talk about how you can add some chic to your pup. There used to be this adorable dog boutique up the street from me but, sadly, they closed over a year ago. And ever since I've had a tough time finding collars and harness for my pup that aren't super cheesy! 

Call me crazy, but I have love finding cute little collars and collar with bows (like this one--the bows look cute on girls too!) for the little one in my life--she deserves to be stylish too, right?! I've been browsing though and i've definitely found s few great ones!! Which do you think would look the best on my little?

-post by casie mace



  1. The spunky and playful would be so cute for summer time. Thanks for finding these. Definitely going to have a look for my own pups. My big fluffy bernese mountain dogs and my little lab ;)
    Have a great weekend Jen!

  2. AnonymousJuly 06, 2012

    Awww I love that floral one, but I don't think my boy dog would appreciate it. His collar has manly dinosaurs all over it. haha! Great post! xoxo

  3. They are all fabulous but I think the spiked rock and roll collar would work best on your rock and roll pup!

    Have a great weekend, beautiful!

    holly foxen wells

  4. Love the Milk & Pepper collar!


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