Where Do You Shop in NYC?

Like you...I know a ton of great online stores to shop for furniture & home accessories....such as the ones featured in this post! However, now that I'm in NYC, I'm wondering where to shop for items like these?!?!?

Ok New Yorkers, please give me your opinion on what stores you think are the coolest in this city. I'm STILL looking for a couple things & have already visited places like West Elm, CB2 & Crate & Barrel. Even though they have nice things, I'd love to add something unique to the mix of items in my place!

Can you point me to a few little shops that sell unique pieces? Let us all know where you love to shop!  I'd love to go by this weekend!



  1. Try Brooklyn Flea which is open on the weekends. You can also try ABC Home in Flatiron/Union Square. Here is their site, http://www.abchome.com/


  2. I think some of the fun of being in NYC is shopping at the fleas:




    love your blog! so happy you are in MY city!!

  3. Check out Fishs Eddy (right by ABC) for some great kitchen stuff!

  4. Im not from NY, but I have been several times. Housing Works and the Salvation Army near the CBS studios has amazing stuff!

    It where I taped all of my Nate Show makeovers.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  5. Have you looked at the book The Stylists Guide to NYC by Sibella Court? In the book she has categories for different types of shopping like; drapes and upholstery, kitchen and table, furniture and interiors etc. All the great places that the stylists go to pick up unique things.

  6. MR GOODWILL HUNTING: Cool, thanks! those are the types of places I'm talking about! :)

  7. Try looking apartment therapy marketplace and look in the section new York city

  8. Hey Jen!
    I think you definitely need to check Brocade Home. I haven't been to the store, but I've been on their site and purchased those fabulous dining chairs. The quality is unbelievable. I would love to go check the store in person, that's one reason I want to come up to NY. Their pieces are unique and fabulous.
    Here is a picture of the chairs:

  9. Jen,

    I was just in Organic Modernism in Chelsea two weeks ago. It's definitely on the man cave side, but the woodwork they do is very unique.

    I'm a big fan of their white entertainment consoles.


  10. Nadeau
    Haus Interior
    Lillian August
    City Knickerbocker
    Bowery Lighting
    Film Biz Prop Shop in Brooklyn
    Lighting New York
    New Generation Lighting
    Nest Interiors
    Gracious Home
    Home Goods - UWS
    Fishs Eddy

    If you watch High Low Project on HGTV, they usually show the NYC stores that she visits.

  11. canvas is a great store, there is one Chelsea and one in Soho.
    they have a great selection of home accessories

  12. And don't forget craigslist. Very active trading around here.

  13. So cute!!all noted!
    Take a look to my blog,there´s a new and odd table design:

  14. If you're looking for the standard Crate and Barrel, West Elm, Pottery Barn, etc. furniture, NY Craigslist is amazing. Every single piece I wanted was on there.

  15. I'd love to shop ANYWHERE in NYC. Always dreamt of pottery barn for some reason...think I've watched too many episodes of friends. LOL


  16. So many visual treats! Thanks for the pick me up.

  17. Check out Lillian August. Not far from ABC.

  18. Try Pippin Vintage Home! Located on 112 W 17th St. It's a hit or a miss but lots of unique treasures! Next door they sell vintage jewelry also :)

  19. I second Einat.
    Hell's Kitchen Flea market is one of the best out there.

  20. Good olde things... Two locations .. One on the upper west side.. Take the 72Nd or 79th cross town.. Or in union square .. 15th or. 16th street... U will find a few home furnishing places around there as well like design within reach etc... Both have websites...

  21. PINECONE: Yes, I know her book, but totally forgot about all he resources in it..thanks for the reminder!

  22. COURT: thank you for the tip...i just saw an amazing chair on their site with brass LEGS!!! Omygosh!! tempted.

  23. heather: awesome...lots of great places! thanks!

  24. Hey girl - AreaID has some expensive stuff but it is right up your alley - Ryan Korban gets a lot of stuff there...
    -e (modern24seven.blogspot.com)

  25. Fishes Eddy & Crate and Barrel are both awesome for kitchen/dining stuff!
    Muji is fun for organizing and such.
    Gothic Furniture has some great solid wood pieces... but the styles may not fit everyone. And last but not least- another of my favorite gems is Housing Works, the NYC thrift shops. I've found some great picture frames, etc and have been temped by so many great furniture pieces! and again- a lot of locations around the city!

  26. flea markets in NYC are AMAZING...you can find true gems mixed in with junk! most places that i know of have been suggested but i also like to browse http://nyshowplace.com

    Showplace Antique & Design Center
    40 West 25th Street
    New York, NY 10010
    (212) 633-6063

    btw, craigslist in brooklyn & manhattan also has amazing stuff!!

  27. I will be in NYC in the spring! Loving all these tips!
    xoxo, Mina

  28. ABC is on the top of the list! I also posted about my favorite NYC shopping spots http://www.hellocupcakellc.com/2011/11/its-good-to-be-home-in-san-francisco.html

  29. Mr. Goodwill Hunting is correct, Housing Works is an amazing place to find unique pieces. I have picked up so many great pieces from there. I like the one in Brooklyn on Montague Street (I believe).

  30. Anthropologie! Even if you go just to see how lovely their NYC stores are it would be worth it.

  31. Oh! Sorry I missed the "little shops" part haha

  32. Take a trip over to "Find" in Brooklyn (it's across the street from Lowes). I bought amazing vintage light fixtures at this store that were re-wired and restored to perfection. They have a ton of unique & one of a kind furniture & home accessories.


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