My Sisco + Berluti...

With so many interesting jewelry out there, my favorite accessory remains the same: The Bracelet

I love all kinds - I have a bunch of them waiting to be put away in my new wardrobe (arriving next week)!! Some of my newest arm candy include this set from Sisco + Berluti. Each bracelet is handmade from bone and are individually carved with precision. 

They're gorgeous! I especially love the all GOLD skull piece! The bracelets retail for about $88 each & you'll find a ton of different colors & styles via their shop

I had my mom model mine below...

-images by jen ramos



  1. i love them!! i'm always on the lookout for new jewelry, i hate buying cheaper jewelry because i end up not using it at all - when i spend some more money on it i know i love it & will use it a lot.

  2. Although I'm not a fan of skulls, those looks really cool.

  3. I saw some of those when I was NYC and I LOVE them!!! so cute.


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