Flats Galore...

Hello everyone, how are you??

While I settle in at my new apartment (as a renter) - I'll be posting a weekly series called "the good, the bad, the ugly" about the rental experience. Not sure how long the series will last - but it should be interesting! If you live in an apartment & would like to submit to the series, email me!

On another note, SPRING will be here relatively soon & that means we can put away our winter boots! 
So, what will we be wearing? How about flats? I used to HATE flats in high school - thought they made my 8 1/2 feet look like canoes. Anyone else felt that way?!?

I finally go the courage to wear them in college & to this day, I love them! These days they have so many styles to choose from - so it's pretty easy to find a pair you like. They're comfortable & stylish - now living in NYC, it's essential to own flats because I'll be walking quite a lot!

Do you like wearing flats? Do you have a favorite pair?



  1. I love wearing flats and I have an 8 1/2 foot too.
    I am so excited to start wearing spring-y things again soon. I love my Steve Madden leopard flats the most.

  2. oooooh jen, im loving the black slippers with the ankle straps.

    love flats, ive ruined my toes officially from all the heels I wear to work. now, i save them for nights out. :)

    Goodluck this week getting settled!!


  3. I haven't had much luck with flats in the past because one of my legs has an extended ankle bone which you can't see unless I bend my foot funny, but which rubs when I wear flats. I'm going to keep searching though because I love them!
    Tiffany Leigh

  4. I don't know which one I like more lol

  5. PINECONE: Ahh i have some leopard flats too that I love!

  6. BETHANY: I know! aren't those cute??

  7. i live in my vera wang lavender gold python flats in fall/spring. they go with everything and always make my feet feel pretty without needing a pedi!

    so excited that you made it to NYC. welcome back to the east coast. maybe we'll run into each other! xo, shari

  8. I have the same size feet and I really felt that until 5 or so years ago, the bigger the size of shoe the uglier styles and designs were made. Being 5' 10.5" flats are a great everyday choice for me and are a great way to stay casual without having to wear sneaker type of shoes. Flats are my staple!

    Enjoy settling in to your new place!


  9. I love wearing flats! Especially ballet flats. They are so classic and are never out of style (Audrey Hepburn). Plus they come in so many cute colors and styles!

  10. My fiance says flats are the most unsexy article of clothing for women. But I don't care - after a week of walking around in heels at work, I need these bad boys to give my feet a break. I just ordered a pair of grey leopard print Tom's flats. I hope they're as comfortable as regular Toms.

  11. Flats are my favorite...I pretty much live in them even though I'm short. Repettos, bloch and my Prada bow flats are my favorites !!


  12. I'm a total flats girl! I can't walk properly in heels so Flats it is! I love that there really is soo many choose from!! =) I have a size 9 foot so yeah I understand the canoe thing, but I mostly wear Flare jeans so it totally camoflages my big feet! =)

  13. Love flats, even though I'm 5"0 ft, I pretty much live in them during fall and spring. My fav.would have to be Miu Miu, they are the most comfortable flats I own and are so fun and girly, they can def. dress up an outfit.

  14. Love the dolce vita sandals and missoni flats! so cute!

    xoxo Jessica

  15. You can never have too many flats. I'm an addict!

  16. I am so excited for flats weather.
    I love my boots, but its so much easier to chase after my two girls in flats.
    I want all of these! :-)


  17. I'm an 8 1/2 too! And looove flats, I pretty much live in them every.single.day! I used to wear heels a lot, but ever since moving to Canada I'm all about comfortable shoes that I can wear all day long (I can't walk around the city on heels)

  18. At 5'10" flats are my friend. :) I feel like a giant when I wear heels, so I live in flats. I'm so glad there are new cute styles out since my boss doesn't exactly condone flip flops (which are, sadly, one of my wardrobe staples!) TOMS just came out with some really cute (in my opinion) ballet flats. They're next on my list! :)

  19. I'm 5'2" so heels are a must but I usually have a pair of flats in my bag as back up when the heels are going to slow me down. These flats are super cute!

  20. I wear flats for comfort. I am basically a high-heel girl

  21. Gorgeous pairs!! I love the pop of color a pair of shoes - flats or otherwise - can add to an outfit. Love those snakeskin ones :)


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