Wallpaper Collective. Yea, it's still in... (Via Made By Girl)

Wallpaper is still so "in" these days. The fact is, it's being designed with so many different types of patterns that it's HARD to find ones you DON'T like! I remember when wallpaper was starting it's come back & BLOGGERS started writing about it. I admit, at the time I was a bit hesitant. But companies like Graham & Brown restored MY FAITH in this 70's fad & it's been a healthy obsession since then!  

One company you must know about is Wallpaper Collective. This company has a ton of funky wallpaper many with bold graphics and gorgeous colors, you won't be disappointed.  These are a handful of the ones I really liked from their site, you can see more here.

Also (below) a NEW collection below by UK designer Louise Body. Louise Body is known in the UK for her FUN graphic & EARTH FRIENDLY design work..



  1. wow, what a beautiful post! Love the designs you picked :-)

  2. I'm so happy it's still in! I'm still obsessed with it!

  3. love that pink goldfish one! Thanks for the heads up!

  4. aww i love the birdcage one! so beautiful

  5. Ugh!! I sooo love wallpaper and the pics are gorgeous - I love that zebra print...:))

  6. I LOVE wallpaper, but our new house has textured walls. We tried sanding down the texture to make it smooth, but after A LOT of work it is still textured too much to put wall paper down. We opted for paint. :-)

  7. MYSTYLE ADVICE: You know, the wall in my office is also textured and we managed to put up this wallpaper :

    It worked out nicely...wonder how textured your wall is?

  8. Wow, so many cool and different styles..I think I liek them all:)
    Have a great weekend!!

  9. oh, i love that last photo!! :)

  10. OMG this is so beautiful!!! thanks for posting inspiring beauties!!!

  11. I love wallpaper
    I´ve been looking for one for my dining room but not found yet...

    happy weekend!

  12. amazing. I love busy wallpaper..so vintage looking!


  13. The pink and gold wallpaper is AMAZING! So luxurious. It makes me want to have a fancy party! I am glad that wallpaper is still in...now, if I can only get over my fear of using it somewhere in my minuscule house...

    I linked to you on my blog today in a little game! I hope you can check it out and play along!

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Thank you MadeByGirl!
    Best Wishes.
    Wallpaper Collective


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