Interior Designer Magdalena Keck.....(Via Made by Girl)

Magdalena Keck is an Interior Designer who creates simple, streamlined designs. Whenever I look through her portfolio, I can't help but be mesmerized by this Upper East Side Residence she designed!  There isn't a whole lot of color in her portfolio, but it's stunning nonetheless. 

You may have seen Magdalena's work before, she's been featured in Interior Design,VM+SD and Kitchen and Bath News plus she's been creating both commercial & residential interiors for nearly a decade! You can visit her site to get a glimpse of her work here.

images via magdalena keck



  1. Such a stunning, elegant spaces:)
    Have a great Thursday

    Ps: I hope you will have a chance to enter my GIVEAWAY!

  2. super slick!
    also thought you might like the jane iredale giveaway i'm running...stop by and take a peek!

  3. not sure if you've seen but I live in Australia and just got my monthly issue of home beautiful magazine ... and one of the houses featured has one of your beautiful pictures hanging in her bedroom =) the love one =) looks fantastic ... just thought u'd want to know

    o and i love your blog ... your a huge inspiration! thanks heaps

  4. TOTAL BLUR: Yes, I was told about this..but haven't seen it yet.
    Aren't you talking about Real Living MAGAZINE though? Thanks!!! :)

  5. The livingroom kinda reminds me of yours. :-)


  6. I'm feeling that - design heaven


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