Paul & Joe ....Perrrrrrrfect! (Via Made By Girl)

Paul & Joe definitely have it going on when it comes to CLEVER packaging. I've always said that a clever package can get me to buy a product most of the time! Hopefully, the product lives up to the same!!  The owner, Sophie Albou began Paul & Joe (named after her two sons) in 1995 and it's now a brand based in Paris that dresses many of the biggest celebrities! 

I love so many of the looks at Paul & Joe, but these PRETTY-PACKAGED lipsticks from the Autumn collection really caught my attention! They are Perrrrrrrrfect!  Check out the entire site for more good stuff.

images via paul & joe



  1. That packaging is so cute and the cat...hahaha...ADORABLE!!!
    Kisses and have a great day

    ps: I am hosting a great GIVEAWAY, so please join in:)

  2. You are absolutely correct. I often say that I'm an advertisers dream. Wrap it up in something gorgeous, and I'll buy.

    Great post, you hit the nail on the head!

  3. I am SUCH a sucker for cute packaging!!
    Love your blog!

  4. so cute! reminds me of my first lipsticks -- in a good way! sweet :)

  5. Aww! Those are so cute that I probably wouldn't be able to bring myself to use them. (Okay, I'm sure I'd get over it eventually!)

  6. i love paul and joe lipstick!! so adorablee! especially the casing!


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