HGTV Giving Away One of My Prints!.... (Via Made By Girl)

It's always exciting to see my work featured on different design blogs and it was such a pleasure to wake up this morning and see the giveaway for my ABC Custom Kids Print on HGTV's home page! Yes, they are giving away one of my designs, how cool is that? Underneath Design Star winner Emily Henderson, (whom I was cheering for). 

I always like to thank God for things like this because I believe life is not something we should take for granted. Thank you Jenna as well! 

Now head over there & enter the giveaway, you NEVER know! It would be awesome if one of my readers WON!

All you need to do is answer this question on the HGTV blog,  "Whose name would you feature in your art and why?"



  1. whoo hoo! congrats and fingers crossed that i'll win!

    xx Vivian @

  2. your blog is very beautiful and interesting! Congratulations! Cris -

  3. that's awesome!! well deserved!!

  4. how absolutely fantastic for you!!!! i believe the universe is always listening to our gratitude and thanking us in return. xo, veda

  5. Wow, that is fabulous!! What great exposure for you. I keep saying I need one of your prints, well, shoot, I'm not waiting to win one...heading over to your shop now! Janell

  6. That is way cool. I love your designs. Maybe I'll win. :)

  7. Congrats!!!
    Love it all! XOXO ~ Joelle

  8. Congratulations to your success =)
    you're great! i know i'm ways behind and still more things to learn, you're an inspiration to me...

  9. So exciting Jen! Congrats!! Your b are truly
    beautiful and such fun!

    From Bali With Love,


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