My future car??

I'm always amazed by the innovation in GREEN products nowadays, but this one really blew me away! I admit I drive a luxury car and have been for the last 2 yrs. However, once my lease is up, I will definitely consider getting some type of hybrid vehicle. This Star Trek looking car below is by a company called 'APTERA'. What an interesting look and here's a description from the manufacturer:

The Aptera has a 2 plus 1 seating configuration. The two front seats are arranged as standard side by side seating. There is also a center infant seat behind the driver and passenger. The side doors open to the front and upward completely inside the front wheel track so you never have to worry about hitting the vehicle parked next to you or damaging your door while exiting your Aptera in a tight garage. There is enough storage in the rear for 15 bags of groceries, or 2 full size golf club bags. And the Aptera is even big enough for a couple of seven foot surf boards and any associated beach accessories. Sadly enough, they're only available in California (they're working on this issue). It retails for $26,900.

I hope they have them in Vegas by the time my lease is up, I might just get one!



  1. I really like your blog, especially your mantra 'doing starts with dreaming', and your before and after shots of the renovations. Thanks for visiting my blog, too.

  2. Hey Beth,
    Thanks a bunch for taking time to drop by...!
    I 've always felt that way....and hope my mantra inspires others.


  3. Hi Jennifer,
    This car looks so small, but I visited the website and realized it is quite roomy. I also hope that this company will get out there and market the car on wider scale so more of us will get to see it. I hadn't even seen or heard of the Aptera, before coming to your site. I like it though! Thanks for the post.

    -Sarah ***

  4. that car is sooo mod!! and it looks tiny but very cool!! ^^

  5. Shame that it's only available in California - hope it gets out in the market further soon. What are your thoughts on the so-called "Frybrid" cars?


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