For the Holidays...

Hello everyone! The HOLIDAYS are quickly approaching and I wanted to let you all know that I have some great X'mas cards on my site this year! Today I spent a good part of the day creating some more designs for the collection on MadeByGirl. Here's a SEXY card you can get for your husband/bf this Holiday season! (Sorry for the Dithered look, when it drops down the size it makes it blurry on the blogs. But click on the pic to see a better quality image) More available via my shop: MadeByGirl.



  1. I love your new designs. Sorry to be so long in changing your link on my site. I have been getting a new computer as my other one had had it. Will do it tonight

  2. so cute my 1st anniversary is soon, i may need this

  3. Hey EMILY :)
    The cards can be CUSTOMIZED to say what you want instead of 'this Holiday'

    Just so u know.... :)

  4. Very cute indeed, I'm off to go view more of your cards!


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