Thank You

Just wanted to say thanks to a few sites that were nice enough to feature MADEBYGIRL.
I've been working very hard to create these cards and I'm very interested in making others aware that it is time to change our direction if we want to help save our planet. I don't think any one person will be 100% green, but if we reduce some of the things in our lifestyles that are affecting the planet negatively, we can make a huge difference. So far a BIG thanks to :

*And a very SPECIAL thanks to one of the nicest women in the paper goods industry. She's quite smart and was kind enough to guide me through many steps... Jill Deluce. Check out her beautiful letterpress cards at: DeLuce Design.



  1. Hey Congratulations Jennifer, nice to see you are back and the color on your cards is so beautiful!!


  2. awwwwww thanks, jen! the feelings are mutual.


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