Another year, another Valentine's Day.

We have made our V-day dinner reservations and I am DEF looking forward to a romantic night alone with my husband.  In the meanwhile, for those of you looking to buy your lady a gift, I've gathered (10) items I'm sure she'll be excited about!

Take notes fellas. XO

1.  feminin pouch by clare vivier
2. Olivine Atelier 'You Are Loved' set
3. heart dish via kate spade
4. heart & arrow stackable rings by kate spade
4. 'walk on air' perfume via kate spade
6. lollia hand cream via anthropologie
7. cedar street passpoprt holder via kate spade
8. rouge volupte shine by 'yves saint laurent' via neiman marcus
9. emmie flats via kate spade
10. pearl place rosebowl vase by kate spade

P.S. Don't forget romance. Write a short poem and attach it to your gift! XO

-first image via dana boulos
-post by jen ramos



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