Noah's Nursery

For the longest time I always imagined what a nursery would look like.... if I ever had a child. I even wrote about it here after we started the adoption process back in 2014.

When we adopted Noah - I was looking forward to creating a space where he could play, learn & and enjoy. A few days ago we celebrated his Birthday & we also surprised him with his own little space. To be honest, it's a large space that is half my office & half his room. Some people may wonder how this could work....well, since he's on a schedule, I always know what comes next & it's easier to plan my days around his day.  Ok, so let me show you around Noah's room!  I have always loved the idea of neon lights, so I shopped around & quickly realized that neon vendors are very pricey!

So, we found another alternative from a company called Cool Neon. We got the one called High Bright Hella Phat. They actually offer EL Wires that glow when electricity is sent through, but not quite in the same way as neon. Meaning, you won't see it as much in the daylight, but as the sun goes down you'll start to see the neon-look! If you purchase this exact light, you would need the light... plus a driver which can also be bought on the Cool Neon site here. The most important thing to remember when creating your own sign is to measure how much you'd need. The wire doesn't bend easily so write whatever the letters are going to be on some paper. We decided to have it say "you are loved" - and our sign took about 20 feet of neon.

Another reason we chose Cool Neon is because it was very affordable, both battery & electrically operated, can be programmed to blink in patterns & doesn't take training to make the signage. The photos are of the sign in the afternoon - but this photo was brightened to show the neon-look a lot brighter. It isn't as bright as this during daytime. That is the only downfall. Eventually, I'd love to get this in actual neon so I can see it brightly during daylight!

Here is an awesome DIY on How-to-Make a Neon sign using the same El Wire we purchased. We are also happy that we got to collaborate with The Land of Nod for Noah's room. They sent some amazing items our way.  One of the items we wanted for his room were bookshelves... so we could place his collection of kids books. We opted for this straight & narrow book ledge in white from The Land of Nod.  It displays book covers so you can find them easily + you can also use it to display kids art or any wall hangings you may have!  We love how it looks on the wall!

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to have a son. Not sure why......I guess it was just my preference.  So, when I saw this 'Boys Rule' print, I wanted it for Noah's space. You can get one from Mini Learners. Thanks to my friend Sarah for gifting it to him. And how about these wooden bow Tie blocks? Adorable right? They're also from the Land of Nod. Noah loves biting on them.

Of course, a baby room must have an area rug that is comfy.  I first bought a wool rug...BIG mistake. It shed way too much, so I returned it.  This one is a soft trellis shag rug from Rugs USA & we love it! It's pretty thick already but we still went for the thickest rug pad from Rug Pads USA.

Here's Noah (above) inspecting the new space from his Babyletto crib. Below you'll see a similar name print to the ABC kids ones I used to sell in my shop. Well, this one was made by my cousin, it incorporates Noah's name throughout the Jeremiah 29:11 scripture. It's perfect. You'll also spot the blue Wobbly Stacker a popular little piece from The Land of Nod along with one of my mini-zebra prints! 

The silver vinyl star decals are such a HUGE part of his space. These removable stars are from Urban Walls and designed by Danielle Hardy. Thanks to Danielle, these are now part of his room. They were easy to put up, all you need is a soft, clean surface! The gray "pull up a pouf" is from Land of Nod & it mixes in with the space quite nicely. It's soft to the touch, but firm and comfy to sit on.

Toy storage is a big deal to us. I can't stand having baby toys all around the house. So, in order to contain them, we decided on the 3 bin palozza from The Land of Nod. As of right now, all his toys are stored away and he can easily access them.

The cutest Zebra Throw pillow sits nicely in his crib. 

This little wooden robot has parts that come off and are placed back on by magnets. Find him and BoConcept.

Below: Here he is when we surprised him on his birthday with his new space! So grateful for moments like these.

 I hope Noah's new space will INSPIRE you to create something beautiful for your baby!

-post & photos by jen ramos



  1. Turned out beautiful!! Such a cute room for a little man. Great job!!

  2. So, so cute! Love how the books are a focal point. Happy Birthday Noah! xo

  3. Jen!!! I love it all so much. Great job. Noah is so blessed :) I must get that "Boys Rule" print for my boy's room!

  4. Very cute! Love the neon light!

  5. This sure did inspire me! I am impressed by the neatness and angelic beauty of your baby's room. Thanks for this very cute inspiration.

  6. Hi There! I love you your little guys room! What did you use for the room divider? I'm looking for a way to divide the room my two boys share without putting up a permanent wall. Thanks!

  7. @amy winter we used to West Elm parsons tall bookshelf towers ... We held them together with clamps so they wouldn't separate… we also added casters for wheels but we lock them in place. However if you're concerned about wheels I wouldn't suggest adding them. They are still tall bookshelves so you have to teach your children not to be constantly pushing on them… we haven't had any problems at all and we have pretty heavy items on the other side of them which helps keep them even more sturdy and in place . Lots of books . It's worked out nicely for us so far . We also added some boards to the backs of the West Elm bookshelves, because they are originally backless . Hope this helps

  8. Adorable

  9. Hi! Just wondering what is the white round musical toy/soother you have clipped the side of the crib?? Is it a Fisher Price one?

  10. Of course the entire nursery is lovely. The little stuffed Zebra is adorable, and the color scheme is modern and fresh. One thing that is fantastic here, too, are decor choices that will still be usable as he gets older. Like the wall shelving--great for pictures as he gets older, diplomas, etc. And the 3 bin palooza will be great for things like shoes later, things that he'll use every day and needs a place to keep in when he gets home. Love!

  11. Gosh Jen what a wonderfully creative way to make a small space work in such an enchanting and charming way. And loving those book shelves and removable stars they are so clever.

    Allie of ALLIENYC


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