New Made By Girl ART + New Site!!

Hey everyone!! 

After not adding paintings to the online gallery for a couple months, I have now added some NEW  pieces including several (pre-framed) colors paintings!  I recently painted some art that was inspired by the GORGEOUS carpets I've seen in local shops along with the Morrocan style rugs I love so much! -  These new additions are currently listed as 'Rug Style' - and they have a slight abstract-feel to them.  I love beautiful, colorful rugs and thought this would be a great addition to my online gallery.  Hope you like them!!

NOTE: My apologies.....the pricing on some of the paintings was incorrect & higher than I had requested. Sorry!!!  - That was an accident & the true pricing is now listed for each painting!

p.s - for commissions and any custom pieces you'd like to have me to paint, please email me.

-post by jen ramos



  1. I'm lost! I can't seem to find the links to art or their prices. I love the pink bird pic! Can you please direct me to the appropriate place?

  2. Kristin! Hi - sorry about that. You can go to my online gallery at .. Click on available works.


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