Guys: How-To gift your woman Beauty Products

I always find that beauty products make great gifts, but people don't often gift them.  My husband rarely gets me makeup, unless I request it...but if I told him to guess, I'm sure he would have a pretty good idea of what to get.  So, guys....if you don't know anything about make-up (don't feel so bad, most men don't) there are many different ways to find out what your gal would love beauty-wise.  My suggestion would be
  • Take note of the beauty products your gal currently uses daily.  
  • See if anything is running low. 
  • You can also discretely ask how she likes a certain product she is using...or ask what it's for. 
  • Ask her what her favorite shades are if you're thinking of gifting lipstick.  
  • Be creative, add a box of luxurious chocolates with your gift!  My suggestion would be Vosges luxury truffles. 
In the meanwhile, you can also just try something new & gift her either of these beauty items I've suggested below. Of course the Voges bon bons are a must and the candles, why not? Up your romance game with some delicious scents from DL & CO! Always my favorite!! 

-post by jen ramos



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