Dress shop for 2016? Yea.

Hey everyone, hope you had a lovely Christmas! Any Plans for New Year's eve? - As for us, we're going out to dinner, and even though we are not spending the 12 midnight out, we've made arrangements to dress up & have a nice dinner for two. So, you're probably wondering what I'm wearing.... Well, last year I purchased a sequin dress from ASOS for this New Year's 2015, strange?  Well, maybe. But it went on sale &  it's super cute! 

I figured why not let you in on this idea, get your next year's dress NOW....with all the last minute sales/deals, it's perfect timing!  ASOS is having a sale with up to 50% off on many items. Here are my sparkly selections for 2016.  I can't get enough of sequin on New Year's....for some reason it just makes sense.  Have a great New Year!!


-post by jen ramos




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