DESIGN: Holiday Tablescape Decor

Hello MBG readers, its Lisa with Gem Daily here with a holiday decor post! I just love the holiday season and LOVE holiday parties, they are the best way to get you in the spirit. And although I have never personally hosted a holiday party, it sure is fun to dream up the table scapes and decor. I'm thinking funky place card holders, lanterns hanging from the ceiling, mistletoe at the front door, the whole nine yards!

For some reason, I am also really loving the mixture of black, white and gold with the more traditional holiday red and green. It adds a little bit of sophistication and isn't too played out and

8/ mistletoe ball via amazon 

-post by lisa fisbeck



  1. Great post! I agree with what you said about the black and white adding sophistication :)
    Really love those highball glasses and pinwheels!

  2. love those colours for christmas! not all red and green plus all very bright!

  3. Those little moustache card holders are too freaking cute!! xo, D

  4. Love black and white, always classic and fabulous! xoxo


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