Book Review: Adore Home Book

Loni Parker of the popular Australian online magazine, Adore Magazine, launched her first-ever design book and it's lovely! With about 185 pages of full color highlighting everything from living rooms to entryways to kids rooms & more....this book is a must-have. I love the thought she put into the (removable) cover using diagonal gold lines, which means it will look PRETTY on your coffee as well!  -  My favorite parts of the book are the ones I featured below..... such as the gorgeous dining table for four & the beautiful mustard colored velvet-sofa with an array of photos behind it.  How about the amazing loft covering two pages?!?

Oh...... how can I forget glimpses of my LOVE prints within some of the homes ....So happy about that!!! Sometimes design books fail, but this one is a winner for me. Why? Because it's full of color &'s exactly what I look for when I shop for coffee table books. A book I'd be inclined to  open again & again.  If you're in the USA & want the book, you can only get exclusively via Hattan Home.

Otherwise, if you're in Australia, you can purchase it directly from the Adore website here.
I'm happy to say I love this book & it will be a part of my design book collection, thanks Loni!



  1. What a beautiful book!


  2. This book is on my Xmas list, it looks so gorgeous! I was hoping to see it in one of the book stores but I think its only available online.

  3. Thank you so much Jen for the lovely blog post! I'm glad you enjoyed the Adore book. Have a wonderful Christmas. Loni x

  4. Looove the book and will be placing an order now! Thank you for sharing. :) x

  5. Awesome! I love Adore! I wish it could be shipped internationally!

  6. The Adore blog is amaze so it makes sense the book would be fab!


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