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If you follow design blogs, you've more than likely heard of Society Social. This super chic business began in 2011 by Roxy Owens.  She started designing bar carts & with six original bar cart designs, magazines like HGTV & House Beautiful took notice! She grew up in her family's furniture factory, so this biz came naturally to her.  This girl is brains & beauty for sure....she offers one of a kind pieces along with custom colors & styles to suit your taste.  

I would LOVE to own one of her pieces for our next I will start decorating sometime next month! Can't wait.  Here are some of the gorgeous collections you'll find on her site Society Social.

Have a good weekend! I will be in California for a few days starting Monday - but there will still be posts up while I'm away!

-post by jen ramos



  1. Nice! I want that stool with fur ^_^.
    And that picture of french bulldog!! Yaaaayyy, love it <3
    Nice weekend,

  2. Lovely and so you. I really like that bar cart - so chic. Have a lovely weekend and oh my...have fun in CA :)

    PS - I sent you an email yesterday, but my computer was acting up. I hope it went through :)

  3. The console that you want, Serene and Lily has almost the same one in gold, its called the Blake Console.

    Good luck moving! I've been in my 4th apartment and it's so hectic but so much fun getting to redecorate :)


  4. I to am addicted to bar carts! And hers are chic and functional at the same time! Winning!


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