Removable Wallpaper

Living in New York city can be a decorating dilemma....especially if you are renting. 

You basically have to ask your leasing office or landlord for permission before you can change anything inside your apartment.  So, unless you re-arranging furniture, you need to think twice.

This applies to painting walls  -  you have to paint it back to the original color... & who wants to be painting before they move?!? Not me.

With that said, when we move into our new apartment next month, we are considering adding removable wallpaper.  I say removable wallpaper because I don't want any drywall ripping off - know what I mean?  I'm not sure how temporary wallpaper will look & hold up, but love the idea of adding a patterned wall to the entryway.  This would be ideal because we could just take it down easily without causing any damage to the walls.  I found some great resources on Etsy for removable wallpaper,  here are some of my favorites. 

Which do you like?? Have you used removable wallpaper??



  1. Oh, that's great. I didn't know that those removable wallpapers exist! Need to search here in our hobby shops for it, I have an idea of one corner in our living room with some pattern, so this is very good tip. Thanks a lot =)

  2. Goood morning Jen! I love both of the chevron prints, especially because the lines are different thickness. I would LOVE to wallpaper the back wall in our dining room, but I have always been so scared to try. Knowing me, it would end up being a tad bit crooked. Can't wait to see what you pick :)

  3. Love your choice!! I actually just tried out removable wallpaper recently - it was so much easier than I thought it would be, after watching a 20 minute youtube video of course.
    Looking forward to seeing your results
    You can see my results here:

  4. I have never heard of removable wallpaper! I love this! My husband & I have recently purchased a home and this would be perfect since I am indecisive on what color to commit to!


  5. I have never heard of removable wallpaper before! I think it's a great idea. I like the white and black chevron stripes best. If you do end up trying it, please let us know what you think and how it holds up!


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