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A friend of mine recently met with me & she was wearing this gorgeous necklace around her neck, I had to ask her where it was from. She said, her friend Kate makes them. I told her I wanted to know more about the jewelry and the designer....So, here is a bit about Kate.

Scheid Industrial jewelry designed and handmade by NorCal native, Kate Scheid, in her San Francisco studio. She uses a variety of techniques - from etching to gold plating to give each piece a unique look. Inspired by pattern, art, nature, industrial districts, bohemianism and yoga, Kate likes to imagine that her creations are modern pieces unearthed from ancient cultures. Each piece is 24k gold plated over brass.  Since these are brass pieces with gold plating, it's best to avoid wearing the pieces frequently in water as this could potentially affect the finish. But don't let that stop you...these are super chic & pretty!

Here I am wearing the double bar necklace, one of my faves!

This piece below I actually wore for my Madewell event recently!You can see me wearing it here.

If you want to buy any of the pieces above, you can email Kate directly via her email or byphone: 650-776-9281..... Or see if they are available on her Etsy page here.

Have a nice weekend!!

-images by jen ramos



  1. Love all of the necklaces especially the one with the crystal in the center.

  2. So beautiful! I love the one you wore for the Madewell event!

  3. I love her jewelry ! I was hoping if you would like to check my blog out sometime.


  4. Gorgeous! I've never heard of this line but I'm going to check it out more now. I'm loving it! Xo, Sarah

  5. Totally in love with this jewelry!


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