DESIGN: Chic Items to cozy-up your home

While Jen is away for a few days - I'd like to bring you some cozy, but Chic home items for your home. As you know, the calendar fall has officially arrived and it's just the matter of time before the real cold weather hits.  If you are anything like me you probably love spending the cold evenings at home with some tea and a good book rolled in a blanket.  I'd love to cozy up my house this fall to make it even nicer to stay in.  If you are also looking for chic ways to prepare your interior for winter days, here are some super chic items to do so! Keep warm x 



  1. LOVELY items!
    Great throw and slippers!

  2. Love the pillows!
    i love having hundreds of them on the sofa and on the bed...

  3. Great picks. These are definitely cozy pieces I would own, especially with many of them being ivory/beige tones and wood furniture :)

  4. Sheep rug and stool..I want them in our flat!! <3


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