Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Love is the air and Valentine's Day is right around the corner! That means for the next week or so, it's all about chocolates and candies, roses and bouquets, and all the X's and O's one could ever want!! What's not to love about such a great holiday?

It's the perfect opportunity to show the one you love exactly how much you love them. I've come up with a little gift guide to inspire and help you find the perfect gift! If i had to pick one of these gifts, it would definitely be the lingerie by Journelle.

What is your favorite gift to give on Valentine's Day??

H // Sprinkles Cupcakes
A // Hot pink heart print via MADE BY GIRL
P // 5"x7" LOVE Print via MADE BY GIRL
P // Madison Florist
Y // Gucci Fedora

V // Gold Plated Heart bangle
A // Flora Gold Wire Bracelet
L // Gucci Fedora
E // MIMI Holiday Bra via Journelle
N // Tocca Stella via Anthropologie
T // Christian Louboutin Python Pump Via Neiman Marcus
I // Voluspa candle via Anthropoligie
N // MIMI Holiday underwear via Journelle
E // Embossed Python Notepad via Graphic Image
S // Tom For Bordeaux lust polish via Neiman Marcus

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  1. Great ideas! But in my opinion, I feel that homemade gifts are the best kinds you can give, especially for Valentine's day!

  2. I gave Tocca Stella to my mom last Christmas and it has an amazing pleasant smell!

  3. Love Tocca from Anthro. It has an amazing smell. And you can never go wrong with Sprinkles :)

  4. Hi

    I appreciate this share and goes straight to the mail of my husband, as always, has no imagination.


  5. Great picks! Who wouldn't love to receive Sprinkles Cupcakes? I know I would. ;)

  6. First of all, you're the cutest for having the letters spell 'Happy Valentines' instead of using numbers. Also, this is a fantastic round-up; I'm obsessed with Voluspa candles!
    xx, Angelica


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