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Hi everyone, its Lisa with Gem Daily! When I first came across these gorgeous doors at the Goethe Institute in Prague, I couldn't get them out of my head- so stunning, so detailed and all together amazing! I am so drawn to that perfect hue of peach/salmon/heaven, combined with the brass. With these doors glued to my brain, I found myself shopping for goodies with similar traits, whether it be the color, finish or detail and I discovered this can be the most fun way to shop for things.

First, find a source of inspiration that you gravitate toward-whether it be an architectural element, a piece of art or something as small as a detail on a handbag. When that sucker gets engraved in your brain, you'll find it's actually really easy to pull elements or aspects of the inspiration and help it guide you in shopping for inspired gems. In my case, it was the color of salmon, the brass and the handcrafted detail.

Check out my finds that are inspired by this amazing set of doors in Prague and next time you're in a design rut, use a source of inspiration to help guide your shopping!

1 // Milo Baughman Lounge Chair
2 // Valdes Chair 
3 // X Marks the Spot Rug, Adobe
4 // Robert Abbey Delta Petal Table Lamp
5 // Gorka Mirror
6 // Pink Sea Urchin
7 // Maitland Smith Tesselated Coral Console Table
8 // John Robshaw Laal Decorative Pillow
9 // Izmer Hammered Brass Transitional Cocktail Table

-post by lisa fisbeck



  1. that brass cocktail table is everything :)

  2. This shade is just so pretty!

  3. Love this color....its one of my favorites to paint with.

  4. Your findings are great Jen...but what I really love is that Goethe Institute door. Such a beautiful inspiration!


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