Decor: Emerald Crush

Good Morning MBG readers! It’s Stasia from Primp and Prime.  Yesterday while I was scoping out West Elm’s spring collection, I fell completely head over heals for their sleek emerald agate jewelry boxes.  The layered colors of green, gold, and black are so luxurious that it inspired me to design a living space around them.

I wanted the space to reflect the detailed dimensions of the boxes. I pulled some ideas from magazines and scoped out pieces with that perfect tone of emerald green.  The space has charcoal gray and black velvet fabrics with touches of gold and emerald. The space is not only luxurious; it invokes a feeling of refined sophistication. 

Living room interior from Lonny Magazine.

Living room interior photo from Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. 

Office interior photo from Lonny Magazine.

Photo of agate jewlery box from West Elm.

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  1. nice pics!! ; ]

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  2. Nice post Stasia! one of my fave colors in home decor..but not so much in clothing..

  3. Wow, emerald was never on my decor radar... but I have to include it now!

  4. LOVE the LOOKS! The light is my Fave!

  5. I love emerald green! My favorite of the above pictures is the green chair on the checkered floor - such a good combo!


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