French Chic

How's your Monday morning so far? For me, being based in NYC, I gotta say, I love it here – the food, the fashion, everything. But one of my favorite sources of inspiration is..... Paris. All French everything can never go out of style – it's the epitome of CHIC. Graphic tees & wall art have been popping up everywhere - so this trend is HOT!  And guess what? OUI,  MADE BY GIRL has the short & sweet you need!  Check out some of our prints at the shop to bring in some French chic.

The graphic French tee's shown can be found at Charlotte Russe and Swell. All French typography prints, including the Paris map, can found at the MADE BY GIRL.

Are you a fan of the French text trend?

- post by jen ramos



  1. I love the prints! I'm excited for my move next year so I can make a huge photo wall, and I'll be needing a few of your prints to help fill it in!


  2. I feel like I'm seeing French-inspired pieces everywhere lately, and I love it! I love the prints. Can't wait to get my home office; I'd love to hang them up in there.

  3. I really love all your French typography prints Jen!!! They look so simple yet stylish. When i get my own place, i will definitely be looking for inspirations from your blog:)

    Everytime i stumble upon some design/decor/home related blogs and see your art work hanging on their wall, i always think " ahh! that's Jen's work"....:D



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