FOOD: Thanksgiving Hand Pies

Hi MBG friends! Lauren from Perpetually Chic back today, with a Thanksgiving-inspired recipe that will make your leftovers sing. That's right--leftover turkey and cranberry relish get a new life when tucked inside these hand pies with creamy brie cheese. It's an easy way to wow guests and make use of leftovers!

Thanksgiving Hand Pies | Perpetually Chic for Made By Girl
Let's talk about the crust. I used Martha Stewart's pate brisee (pie dough) recipe. It's super simple--a great basic dough you can make ahead. But if you're short on time, store-bought pie dough can easily be substituted. Either way, roll it out then use a round cookie cutter or simply a wine glass to cut out your circles.

Thanksgiving Hand Pies | Perpetually Chic for Made By GirlThanksgiving Hand Pies | Perpetually Chic for Made By Girl

Now inside--chop up some leftover turkey into small cubes, and get out that jar of cranberry relish (not the thick, canned cranberry sauce). Spread a small spoonful of cranberry relish in the middle of half of your dough rounds. Layer a few pieces of turkey and a few pieces of brie. Cover with a second round of dough and gently press the edges together. Then, using a fork, crimp the edges closed. Last step is important--brush the entire top of each hand pie with an egg wash to help them golden and prevent the edges from burning. Pop the tray of hand pies in the oven! Mine turned out less-than-perfect looking, but I kind of liked their rustic feel. And the delicious, rich taste is what these are all about anyway.

Thanksgiving Hand Pies | Perpetually Chic for Made By GirlThanksgiving Hand Pies | Perpetually Chic for Made By Girl

Thanksgiving Hand Pies

Chilled pie dough (this recipe or store bought)
About 1 cup of cooked turkey, chopped
Brie cheese, cut into small cubes
About 1/3 cup cranberry relish
1 egg, beaten
3 tablespoons milk

On a heavily floured surface, roll dough to 1/8" thick. Using a round cookie cutter or the rim of a red wine glass, cut as many circles as you can. Recombine and roll out the discarded dough and cut additional circles. Shoot for an even number of circles.
Spread a little relish on one half of the dough rounds, then top with pieces of turkey and brie. Place the remaining rounds on top, pressing with fingers to gently close, then use a fork dipped in flour to crimp around all edges. Using the fork, be sure to prick the center of each pie to allow steam to vent during cooking.
Whisk together the egg and milk in a small bowl. Brush onto the top of each pie. Bake in a 375 degree oven for about 15-20 minutes.

- post by Lauren



  1. That looks so good! i want! ♥

    * b l o g in english.
    * b l o g en espaƱol.

  2. From my Ghanian childhood, we had a snack similar to this called meatpie ... the most delicious piece of pastry you've ever sunk your teeth into! yumm!

    Maggie A

  3. Hand pies are the one which i love to eat the whole day a fantastic dish. I wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving


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