'How About We' Date Night

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to be sharing a recent, special experience with you. I recently stumbled across what appears to be the 'evolution of dating' – and I'm here to give you a little taste.

How many of you LOVE the idea of a great date-night but infrequently have them due to the daunting task of planning!??  There are times my husband & I are at a loss on what to do next when it comes to date night. Well, HowAboutWe, the ultimate dating source, found a way to fix that problem! It's basically a company that started out as an online dating site and then expanded to become a destination for all couples seeking a way out of their normal routines. Yup, going out can get stale when you don't have any idea where to go next! Know what I mean??

HowAboutWe prides itself in helping couples not only fall in love, but stay in love.  It allows you to discover new experiences and date ideas you may never have considered.

With DATE options like:   
  • 'Dumpling Making With Bite Size Kitchen' 
  • 'Roll Like VIP's at Jay Z's Club'

You can pick & choose your activity and location from a curated collection of local date experiences and just go – it's that easy!!  This is a company that def takes care of all the details. They basically just say "Hey, I've got this" and give you a wonderful date night you won't forget!  I've had the pleasure of trying it out, so can you! Feel free to check out the HowAboutWe site to discover some interesting dates!

And if the whole idea of a readily prepared date isn't great enough –  now you can take $50.00 off your first-date booking! Just click here to start browsing, dating & falling in love all over again!

Now onto OUR DATE:

My husband & I chose the, 'Veggie date at SuiteThreeOhSix Supper Club' here in NYC.
Even though we're not vegetarians, we thought this would be a pretty healthy way to spend our date night. At first glance the location seemed like a regular apt./loft building. We were buzzed inside and got into the elevator. Walked down what seemed like a residential hallway, then arrived at suite 306. When the door opened, I was surprised to see this gorgeous white loft with a long white table waiting for the guests to arrive. We sat down with some wine as the guests continued to arrive.  We were served a 5 course meal with some amazingly unique veggie dishes by chef Daphne Cheng.  I have to say,  we loved the idea of glancing over at the food being prepared as we sat & waited at our table. 

This was a fantastic experience because we normally wouldn't have tried vegan dishes & date night would've never consisted of us sitting at a table with several other couples. Both of us enjoyed the feel of the place & trying something was definitely exciting!

Shoes are by ShoeMint // Black denim with ankle zippers via Anine Bing // Popoche animal print Clutch via Jerome Dreyfuss

....who's that handsome guy on his cell phone?!

photo below via eat big apple

P.S. The $50.00 promotion is for new members only and expires 12.31.13!

How About We for couples!

this is a sponsored post

-first 7 images by jen ramos



  1. What a cool idea! I like it! That food looks delish!

  2. @rachael - Yup! it was a great time!

  3. Looks like so much fun! BTW, I love your hair like that, you look very pretty.

  4. @ADRI: Yes, i love that they have inexpensive dates available on the spot...we've been to several already & always enjoyed them. Ha! thanks about my hair... :)

  5. This really is such a great idea that the company came up with. Love the photos!

  6. Thanks for sharing, looks like the perfect date night!



  7. Jen the decor looks amazing, so do you :)
    Seems like a great place for date night, must have been fun :)


  8. @eva: it did look amazing! thank you so much... :)

  9. Gorgeous! Would you mind telling me what brand the shoes are? I cant find them on Shoemint anymore and I love them! Thanks!

  10. @ELIZABETH: unfortunately the shoes are sold out on shoemint..they are actually shoemint brand. :)

  11. oh bummer! thanks for telling me

  12. Thanks for joining us Jen! It was so lovely to meet you and your husband Mat!

  13. looks absolutely delicious and you guys are so cute! Great idea.


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