6 WINTER Coats

I had a puffer coat last year & in the middle of the DEAD COLD winter - the darn zipper decided to get stuck over & over again!  What a pain in the neck that was!  I was either stuck inside my coat or I couldn't zip it up & would start feeling chilly! Ever dealt with that?!?

Well, that is NO way to spend a winter. I can't imagine what it must be like to be homeless & not have a winter jacket at all.  So, with that said - I'm truly BLESSED that I can afford to buy another coat & have just donated the other one. Fall is still here - so I have until about October 1st to get some type of puffer or parka to stay warm in this NYC weather.  Below are some of my faves, but I'm leaning toward Mackage #6.  

If you're looking for a coat, here are some great options! Which do you like?

1. PEUTEREY // 2. NSF // 3. ADD // 4. Hunter // 5. Burberry Brit // 6. Mackage



  1. I love the Mackage one - the fur hood is a great touch.
    It's nice of you to donate your old coat - I should do that with mine!

  2. That's too funny because the exact same thing happened to me last year! The zipper on my puffer was always a little funny and then last winter it just completely got stuck. Good thing it was toward the end of the season! I just purchased J. Crew's wintress puffer in navy and I love it! I love that it has a belt to cinch in at the waist, since puffers can be a bit shapeless.

  3. This makes me wish I lived somewhere really cold so I would actually need a puffy coat!! I'm afraid it wouldn't get much use down here in NC. I'll just have to live vicariously! ;)
    ~Sarah @ 702 Park Project

  4. Yes, it's truly a blessing to have a warm coat. I just moved from L.A. to Phoenix, so I'm not sure I'll ever need one. But I do like the ADD coat.

  5. I have such a heart for the homeless, I'm so glad to hear that you do to. My favorite coat is number 6.

  6. I own coat #3 by ADD and it is seriously the best coat ever (actually one of the best fashion purchases I've ever made - i love it that much!) It's super warm while being super light weight and feels totally chic :)


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