Chic Gifting + Wishlist

I always like thinking about what I'm going to GIVE & what I'd like to RECEIVE for the Holidays. I know it's already going to be November, but my husband is already asking, "So, what do you want for Christmas Jen?"  I figured I'd get started now, but I also think gifting something to myself isn't out of the question. Let's face it, after working so hard this year, why not?

Today, I rounded up some chic GIFTS - yes a bit pricey, but I always feel spoiling yourself at least once or twice a year is ok. And you?!?  My favorite & top of my wishlist is #1:  Helmut Lang Belted Coat .  I want! 

Oh & have you seen the new stationery from Kelly Wearstler available via Paperless Post?!?!?!?!
I already have a stash of them for my office!  Super duper CHIC.



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