What is your favorite area in your home and why?

 Hi MBG readers! I'm Jaclyn an Interior Design Consultant and Owner of Pavilion Decor! Today I'm showing you My Home, My Space & telling you why I love it! My favorite space in the home that I share with my husband and two daughters would definitely be our living room.  This room took me a few years to wrap my head around with the unique "V" shaped fireplace and windows.  

I found choosing a furniture arrangement was difficult, and even as an interior design consultant I had a hard time choosing a direction.  I love so many styles and so many pieces that I finally had to take the leap and make a decision! 

I am so pleased with the way it turned out.  It works perfectly for cozy nights by the fire watching movies with my husband and daughters, entertaining friends, or working on my lap top with the natural light streaming in.  It feels clean, peaceful, and is the perfect fit for the way we live as a family. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

- Images by Jaclyn Peters of Pavilion Decor



  1. So retro and amazing!

    I love your space :)


  2. Your Eames chair is the perfect chair for your space. Love it!

  3. so cozy but so stylish! the Eames chair is my favorite piece!

  4. i feel so relaxed when i look at this! so stylish space :)

  5. i love the vintage vibe of your home. Beautiful!

  6. Your home looks beautiful - I love the mix of grey with natural finishes and a pop of mustard - Stunning!


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