Fashion: CheckerBoard Print

Hi everyone, its Carlinn here from Superficialgirls and today we are checking out a fun spring and summer trend! Checker board print is a quirky but classy way to spruce up your wardrobe for spring and summer. 

Think retro sixties with a classic twist and if you don't want to overdo it stick to black and white and add pops of solid color. A sleek fitted dress or a big bold handbag might work best with this print but if you feel like going all out and having fun with it there are so many options.

Here are some of my favorite checked picks!

1.Checked mary jane heel   2.Topshop checked umbrella   3.Marni handbag  4.Tibi dress   5.Michael Kors shorts

 -post by carlinn



  1. AnonymousJune 05, 2013

    I like this print. The skirt is really cute but my favorite are the Michael Kors shorts you picked out! And you could wear it with every color... I love it!

  2. Classic black and white. Loving the pop of yellow!

  3. Today must be the day for this printed circle skirt! One of the other blogs in my feed featured it, as well!

  4. From the back, the outfit looks fabulous especially the skirt. It's bold and it makes a great statement!

    Love the things you pick out too.


  5. i am absolutely obsessed with the timeless patterns that are so popular right now like dots, stripes, and checkers. makes me feel like i should take advantage to keep my closet stocked with staples.


  6. Love that checkerboard print skirt! Is that Kate Spade? I want that for my wardrobe. Especially love the pops of yellow. You did a great job styling it.

  7. That skirt makes me happy. I love the mix of a strong, graphic print in a girlie silhouette.

  8. I'm totally into the window pane checkers. Woke up this morning thinking about a window pane dress I saw on Pinterest.

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