Madewell Swimwear

Back to work for most of us right? It's actually super sunny here in NYC today- which has me thinking about the beach. Speaking of beach, have you bought your summer bikini yet??  

If not, how about one of these 6 styles from Madewell?  I prefer a two piece & I definitely don't mind tan lines - in fact, I find them rather sexy.
My favorite has to be #3 - I'm  loving the flower trend on swimwear.  I can see wearing this at the beach this summer or lying out in the about you?

1. lauren moffet ruffle bikini
2. basta surf raglan bikini
3. brightside bikini
4. allure sporty bikini
5. zimmermann vapour
6. basta surf tonga bikini



  1. Without a doubt!!!! #3 is the one!!!! Totally checking that out tonight. I've been looking for a floral one!


  2. Sadly, I am too well endowed for these :( Bikini shopping is hard for me

    xo Ashley

  3. I think it is a toss up between # 1 and # 5

    Ali of

    Dressing ken

  4. The first and third pairs are beautiful.

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  6. So cute, but I too need a bit more coverage for the girls!

  7. I LOVE #3! JR of

  8. @dawna jones design: ha! i probably do too!


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