Design: Holiday Table Styling

Hi everyone Amanda here, back with a few inspirations on dressing the Thanksgiving table! I thought it would be fun to dream up a city vs. country take on it. 

If you're a hostess this year, I am sure by now you have already planned what to serve, but may or may not be a little stuck on the table decorations. Although, I'm thankful to have snuck out of the role this year, I still plan on breaking out the china. 

Please keep in mind, these goodies below would look just as gorgeous if you're hosting a Holiday dinner in December!

1 Highball Glass | 2 Crocodile Old Fashioned Glass |  3 Bloom Bowls | 4 Chalkboard Tray | 5 Planter | 6 Sphere Salt and Pepper Shakers | 7 Serving Bowl | 8 Gold Flatware/Gold Stripe Cocktail Napkins | 9 Brushstroke Dinner Plate | 10 Patent Stud Place Mat |  11 /Stripe Place Cards

1 Milk Glass | 2 Placemat | 3 Nail Head Placemats | 4 Gold Accent Plate | 5 Greek Key Cocktail Napkins | 6 Fallen Birch Branch Votive  | 7  Woven Bread Bowl | 8 Rose and Silver Antler | 9 Flatware | 10 Vintage Harvest Bouquet

Here's what I'd love to know: What is your hostess style?

-post by amanda dietz



  1. I like it very simple and stylists, happy Thanksgiving to all of you over there at the States.

  2. i love number 5 in city style! I love little hydrated looking plants...keeps the look so fresh! Happy thanksgiving! :)

  3. The gold flatware is so stunning. Very classy.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Lauren x
    Gordon + Gold

  4. Definitely city style for me! Love that silverware and the succulent plants!!

  5. Amanda, I like that your country was not overly country or rustic..a more sophisticated take!

  6. so cute girl!!!!
    love this post!
    xoxo Meagan

  7. So happy our designs were included in this fab post! Thank you, Amanda, and we hope you had a great Thanksgiving.
    C + C

  8. love those! great choices. xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @


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