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Hello dear readers. Drew here, bringing you insight from a different perspective on my views of design. I was browsing home decor on the internet & came across a feature on a new trendy home accessory.  It struck a nostalgic chord of childhood memories. 


I fondly remember mining for rocks in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, freezing water running over my hands as I cleaned and polished every gem I came across in the heavy white bucket. What used to be a collection can now be something much more. 


Quartz and agate seem to be rising to a decor stardom level. They come in all different brilliant shades, shapes and sizes. You can get fancy and add these precious gemstones to a fireplace, mimic them in a bed spread, use them as table surfaces, as glamorous lamps and even a fashionable mirror.
Just admire these gems in all of their natural splendor! 

image via We Heart It

image via Kelly Wearstler

image via Design Therapy from Pinterest

image via La Belle Vi from Pinterest

image via Amanda Nisbet Design linked from Matters of Style

image via Kelly Wearstler

Take a peek at some of these clever approaches to making a simple gem come to life:

1. Tish Mills Chandelier via One Kings Lane
2. Tish Mills Yellow Quartz via One Kings Lane  
3. Arteriors Home Lamp via Coco+Kelley
5. Tish Mills Amethyst Embedded Table via One Kings Lane
6. Rug via Pinterest
7. Sky Parlor Bookends via Etsy
10. Zhush Clock  

-post by drew humphries



  1. Such a great selection of inspiring interiors...the quartz lamp is stunning! love the blush pink shade too

  2. I love this post! I'm really liking the use of gemstones in decor. I used to collect them as a kid too (from stores, not actually mining for them :), and so it's funny to me to see them now having a "moment."

  3. Wow. I I think if you own a rose quartz table you must really be living the dream. It has officially been added to my list of things to buy when I 'make it' as a novelist.

  4. i so love all this stuff! i iwsh wish wish i could put gemstones around my house :)


  5. I would like to wish you, first of all, the greatest year, since so many of your dreams are about to come true and I truly wish you the best, eventhough I do not know you in person; but I guess that when a person decides to share a bit of her life for years with total strangers, and those on the other side decide to follow those flashes willingly, effortlessly and eagerly we kind of become friends. I´m from Portugal, I do not post very often but I follow your blog daily, anticipating with excitment what the news are going to be this time, never disappointing and always revigorated and inspired. Secondly I’d like to thank you for letting a door open for us, so that we could appreciate through time the way you’ve evolved into someone so inspiring, so creative, so meticulous, so spontaneous, but above all, so genuinely true to yourself. Thank you, for I have also grown with you. I’ll keep on coming here, visiting you, hoping that if you come to my country one day, I’ll have the pleasure of welcoming you personally, opening then the doors of my house to you and hoping that you’ll feel at ease, just like I do, everytime I come to your blog. Cheers to you doll! Keep on being very Happy! and i hope that one day you may have time to visit my blog - it would be an honor!

  6. DREW!!! We are SO on the same wave length! My upcoming post is on amethyst quartz, lol. You have excellent taste my dear!!

  7. I LOVED this post! Like you, I so enjoyed finding and polishing stones as a little girl. These are all amazing "grown up" gemstones. The amethyst lamp is seriously gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. What a gorgeous post. I love the quartz desk, so girlie yet grown up!

  9. I'm still not over this look - I love all things "rock," and probably have overkilled it in my own casa! I did make my own amethyst lamp, and it turned out nice - have a look if you like:

    Good roundup, Jen!

  10. Love this post, such a gorgeous selection :D

  11. I'm loving the look of rough gemstone jewelery becoming popular now too!

  12. wow, so many beautiful pieces.

  13. What a way to add some LUX to a room. The quartz lamp is my fave!

  14. Love this post! I'm loving quartz accessories in the home and you nailed it! I need that lamp!!

  15. i love these gemstones, and these designers are making them functional. i LOVE the table at One Kings Lane, and Rain Collection (carrying the Arteriors agate sculptures) has been a long-standing favorite of mine for all things home decor.


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