Design: Amethyst

Hi again, fellow design enthusiasts!  

It's Brooke (While Jen is on her way to NYC) I'm here again to share with you my latest obsession: AMETHYST. I stumbled across this amazing image a few weeks back and can't get this semi-precious stone off my mind!

Using amethyst in decor is a little bit glam, a little bit rock and roll, a little polished and a little raw- the perfect combo for a statement accessory, if you ask me!  Here are some picks to add this look into your home and wardrobe:

1. Framed Mineral Art by Christopher Marley from The Pheromone Gallery
2. Purple Rock Crystal Ring from Fred Flare 
3. Raw Amethyst Cuff by Jody Candrian from Far Fetch
4. Amethyst Mineral Lamps from 1st Dibs

Mother Nature creates the most beautiful art, no?

{image via The Glam Lamb}

-post by brooke jones



  1. That cuff is so fun. Loving amethyst as well!


  2. beautiful! that lamp!! oh myyyy!!

  3. Love that ring! So adorable. xo

  4. Amethyst is my birthstone so I have a soft spot for it. I love your picks.

  5. What a gorgeous lamp! I love me some amethyst!

  6. Love the Amethyst! Now I'm not going to be able to stop thinking about it!

    XoXo ~ Courtney

  7. So wonderful!!!
    Amethyst is fabulous!!!
    NIce photos!!

  8. Purple and yellow is a good combination!

  9. Beautiful! I love all these pieces---I love the naturalness of it. Amethyst was the jewelry that my dad always gave my mom (other than diamonds before he passed it is very special for me. Good memories. :)

  10. So very beautiful. That lamp is amazing!!! And I think amethyst makes for stunning jewelry.

  11. Amethyst is one of my favourite stones, while I think I might have to settle with a piece of jewellery, I'd kill to have that lamp in my home!

  12. I love the fact that you can wear it and accessorize in your home with amethyst!

  13. Gorgeous!! That ring is stunning :-)


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