Peter Pennoyer Architects, Book Review... (Via Made By Girl)

Looking for a book about apartments, townhomes and country houses? Well, I received this book from Vendome Press yesterday and was pretty impressed. The book is titled,  "Peter Pennoyer Architects" and has 244 pages of colorful, detailed architecture. Peter Pennoyer is an American architect whose home designs seem to have existed forever....meaning they are unique & classical....a TIMELESS design.

 I will NOW add this book to MY growing COLLECTION of design books where it will fit perfectly....
(click on pics for larger images)

The book is by Anne Walker and it explores 20 of the firm's projects. All impressively diverse, ranging from a triplex on NEW YORK'S fifth avenue, to a farmhouse in the Virgina countryside. While looking through the book, I found that MY absolute FAVORITE was the Park Avenue apartment. (pictured above & below)

images of book by jen ramos



  1. Oh my!! I love Peter's work! This is definitely going on my book wish list!!!

    Lori from ChicGeek Designs

  2. that book looks like one to buy for sure, but more importantly, i love your props!! good photo skills!

  3. that arched door is to die for!!! can you imagine living there?

    I can't wait until I live in a place where the slightest details in the door molding or hinges matter.

  4. Look at that gorgeous door in the fourth pickture... I LOVE it!! Heck, I'll take the house that comes along with it too ;-)

    Oh and hey, have you stopped by LOCATION CENTRAL yet and put in your city info? It's the blog where you can find other bloggers in your area.

  5. COURT: The arched door is gorgeous, I agree.... :)) I like how its painted black too!

  6. JEN: Great idea...just visited...Thanks!

    I want that book now!

    Thanks for sharing!


  8. Those images all look devine. Agreed another beautiful book to add to the wonderfully decorative stack of books.
    Well thats where it would go in my house anyway.

  9. Thanks for stopping by Jen. I saw you put in your NV info. There's got to be more NV bloggers out there! C'mon everyone!! :-)

  10. It is wonderfull... Also you can find it in Amazon! I'll get it. Thanks for posting!
    Nice weekend...

  11. Looks like a great book...and great Made by Girl styling to boot!

  12. Ooh love books about architecture & design...the books looks amazing so need to pop in Barnes and Nobles and look at in person

  13. Umm intrigued by the brush in the pic lol. Details?

  14. The book looks really cute.

    What may be even cuter is the brush sitting next to it in a few of the pictures! How pretty!! Where did you find it!!



  15. J-Anns Boutique,
    The brush was purchased on Ebay awhile's a Chinese Calligraphy brush. You can type that in the search on Ebay and find a ton of them... :)

  16. JEN: Yup...I'm hoping to find more bloggers in my immediate area...would be nice!


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