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Hello everyone! The 4th of July will be here once again....any plans?? As for me, we'll be flying out of town and leaving a friend to take care of the dogs here at home. But on the morning of the 4th, I head to church, then later volunteering at the soup kitchen for the homeless.  I may have jam packed my schedule on the 4th, so I guess I'll have to pack on the 2nd! 

A few weeks ago this particular home was featured in the New York Times & I was amazed at how de-cluttered it was. I mean, it's almost like minimalism, although not quite reduced to its necessary elements. As for me, I love ART too much to have so many blank walls, so I'd have to add more! However, the artwork that did catch my eye was their Mick Jagger (Warhol) print....one of my all-time favorite Warhol pieces. 

  Is your home similar or do you have a lot more items?

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  1. I love that bathrooms wallpaper...So creative:) Have a wonderful day:)

  2. I don't think I'd be able to live in a house with a decoration style that minimalistic. I tease my boyfriend about his place because I swear he lives like a monk with only the necessary pieces of furniture. However, for me, I like a more cluttered aproach with trinkets here and there to remind me of places I've been too and good times I've had. It's a beautiful space but I would have done some much more to it.

  3. i have tons more stuff in my place, but i loooove this look. the kitchen is STUNNING.


  4. AnonymousJuly 01, 2010

    I kind of wish I could declutter that much. But looking around the house, the majority of our "things" is pictures. That home didn't have family photos anywhere. It is beautiful though.

  5. pretty home - feels open. We have lots of stuff for our small home, I keep it organized so our home dosn't appear cluttered

  6. As for July 4th...being in Australia..we don't really celebrate it...which is a pity because it always looks like so much fun :) We have Aus Day in January instead ;o) And Jen...you are amazing {volunteering at the soup kitchen} what a beautiful thing to do!
    As for the house....I love that kitchen...so much storage :) I also much prefer to have art & personal piece around my house! xo.

  7. Yeah...That's truly amazing...especially with two boys.

  8. Love those kitchen chairs/barstools and the wall decor.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  9. I think I like things too much in order to have a house like that.

    My house is busting at the seems with things, but I like it that way!

  10. Oh I like stuff, loads of it! :) To me this looks like an office, not space for living in. :)

  11. I LOVE THIS HOUSE! I'm a big fan of minimalism, so this is a house of my DREAMS! Thanks for the post.

  12. I love the technique used for that art work.

  13. I have way more items in my home...I don't know that I would call it clutter but I wonder how they keep their house sooo clean with kids??

    happy 4th


  14. Jen, I love your blog so much! I come here when I feel inspirationally drained, but you manage to perk me up again! I just wanted to say thanks :). This house here is pretty nice too, especially that kitchen. It would be great if you could come check out my blog!


  15. I have a bunch of stuff...but that house looks pretty cool to me :)

    ...BTW Warhol! I love most of his pieces, but my fave is Dali.


  16. Love clean modern minimal designs
    Beautiful interiors
    Have a lovely trip Jen!!


  17. I love it...I wish sometimes that I had a place for everything in my home. Tooo minimal though makes a home seem cold!

  18. I dream of being able to take my "zen" to that level! But I like about this house is that it's not lacking personality or warmth like other true minimalist homes can be. Thanks for the post!

  19. this house is amazing. i wish i could restrain myself this much! they did a great job of being minimalistic without being boring, due to the wallpaper and great furniture plus the architecture-too much would be too much for this space! great post!

  20. I wish I could get away with minimalist decor but every time we've moved over the years I seem to add another (or several:) piece(s) of art to our collection. Now I have way too many favorites to leave the walls bare! There may also be a few too many pics. of my 3yr. old but I'm smitten:) Sound like you are going to have an amazingly, blessed weekend! Enjoy!

  21. i am swooning over that bathroom wallpaper!!! GORGEOUS! i want to know where i can get my hands on something similar :))

    <3, lualosangeles.com

  22. I like my spaces very de-cluttered and devoid of "nick-nacks" but that is a little too bare and modern for my taste. I can appreciate their efforts though.

  23. Love the colors. Clean is better then minimal. Clean and sheek or chic..


  24. i loove the space!!! it's so large - i could use it for trainings, dancing and stuff ;) it could be a very good place for parties with friends. But it's a little empty - if that apartment was mine i would put many random stuff everywhere i could think of (every corner will have to be filled with something :D )
    but that's just me :)
    Have a nice weekend!

  25. I would say my home has a lot more items..But it seems that this place uses architecture and design elements as their "art" and "decorative pieces" versus..many of us who use "knick knacks" to decorate. This place is placed together beautifully and truly enjoy how the wall paper, glass walls, lighting are used as decorative pieces and truly catch the eye.

  26. Although it has color, it somehow looks very impersonal, like a very elegant showroom, but showroom nonetheless. I don't see life in that apartment.

  27. Loving the playroom in this house. I agree the rest of the house is a bit stark, but the furniture and artwork they've chosen to highlight are all fabulous.


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