PATCH NYC at West Elm.....

Have you walked into West Elm lately?? I was there last weekend looking at this glass links chandelier & I spotted the new collection by PATCH NYC.  The designer Don Carney, brings his bold ink nature drawings to pieces like ceramic plates, pillows and artwork for your walls!  It's a great way to always be reminded of nature all around us. There is another interesting piece that I did not see at West Elm, but you will find it on the PATCH NYC site, the SKULL head print, which I really loved!  These would look very pretty placed in clusters on your wall...maybe near your dining area or even in your kitchen! Drop into West Elm this weekend to see the entire collection!

images: west elm



  1. So pretty ! The nearest store is almost 3 hours from me. Boo.

  2. I love West Elm and their affinity for all things grey! :)

  3. Haven't been into WE lately....def need to check it out :)

  4. Those dishes are so pretty, I just love west elm!

  5. Hey Jen! I have a WE contest over at my blog right now!


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