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I recently participated in a series called Design Your Life by jewelry designer & blogger Jess Constable. She's featured other women such as Holly from Decor8, designer, Summer Thornton & more! In the 'Design Your Life' series each woman describes 6-8 INTENTIONS they have for their life and how she 'designs HER life' around those intentions.  I admit, this made me think a lot... but it also reminded me of the things in my life that are important. 

You can read my intentions here & please leave your comment on Jess's site about what you thought

P.S. Also, Jess has a cool jewelry line you can view via her site.



  1. love the colors in her jewelry line...

  2. It does really make you stop and think about what is important!

    Art by Karena

  3. just read your interview ..your such a what you have achieved so far you should be very proud XX

  4. What a beautiful, inspirational feature, Jen. Just wonderful.

  5. Great idea - I'll have a sneaky peak now!

  6. so inspiring to read your story.

  7. Great story!
    Have a nice weekend:)

  8. Jen, that was really inspirational and I admire you so much more now! Thanks for sharing. I love that you are a local girl making your way!

    Amy (over at Varnish)

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    Thank you!

  10. AMY:
    Very cool thanks! I'm so glad to see another blogger that's from Las Vegas...I haven't NOTICED that many at all...!!

  11. Really happy to have read this article and visited the Makeunder my life site. Some truly inspiring people talking giving some great advice.


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