Another DIY Project...Deer Head

I received my small wooden deer head the other day from Hart & Heim. If you haven't seen their site, check them out! They have some really great & unique products for the home! After getting an email from a friend about 'Dorm Decor' by Chronicle Books (Being released on March 25th) I went to their blog. Of course, I came across this perfect DIY project involving a deer head (not a real one of course, must stay Green). Anyhow, I loved it sooo much I wanted to share it case you'd rather make one, then buy one. I haven't decided if I will make my plain wooden one into a colorful piece....but it sure does look nice!
Dorm Decor by Theresa Gonzalez & Nicole Smith, makes a perfect gift for anyone who has kids going off to college.

Here's what you'll need to make this little guy below:

Deer templates
1 20″ x 30″ piece (3/16″-thick) foam core
1 6″ x 7″ piece (1/2″-thick) foam core
60″ length (30″-wide) wrapping paper
1 6″ x 7″ piece of contrasting paper
Craft knife
Cutting board
Spray adhesive
Picture-frame hanging wire

For the ENTIRE DIY Project below visit the Chronicle Books blog.

Have Fun!


  1. LOVE it and your blog...SO happy to have found your creative Life...I'm boiling the kettle and am about to have a good read of your blog...Lots of fab ideas!

  2. what a great idea, it looks amazing!

  3. love this so much and tempted to do this for the kids hallway! But....when can I find the time?! So cute. Thanks for sharing. Love chronicle books so much too. cheers

  4. That is so cute! Your DIY stuff is so cute!

  5. Great Idea Jen..but I know I would have hard time..

  6. I found this tutorial last week and was SO excited, I can't wait to adapt it to a number of different animals. As much as I appreciate the original designs, the prices that were tagged onto what are essentially ply jigsaws was just outrageous.

  7. i have the same deer! it's amazing to see how it's different when he is in colour!...

  8. Good idea!!! Im in love with this site!

  9. Hi! Took a sneakapeak into your home :) Really liked your stile! You go girl!

  10. Love this idea!

    I'm not sure why I've never been to your blog before but I am adding it to my Reader right NOW. It's great!

    P.S. love your work too :)

  11. love your blog.
    love your suggestions.
    love the ideas.
    love everything.

    i spend so many hours here, looking, reading, learning...

    i like very much this deer head too, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! and the bird in the red background too :)

  12. Hi SUZANNE,

    Thank you ....and glad you found me! Hope to see you back. : )

  13. Mmmmm NICE as usual!!! I really want this deer!! I think I want mine to be pastel blue....or pink...or mint....!!
    Come and take a look at my accessory collection on my blog....
    I hope you´ll like it....
    Byebye Jennifer /Maja

  14. Oh, that book looks great! I think I will look for it...
    I like this project-very cute. :)

  15. oooh this is perfect for zak's deer (or "dog!"). I love it as is, but might love it even more if i do some customisation!

  16. Yay, thanks!! I was just thinking about how to turn this deer head into a DIY project!

  17. I have this deer head and everyone that visits doesn't like it...!

    So I am going to pretty-fy it. Thanks. :)

  18. Hi Jennifer
    where can I find the same deer head with the same color ?

    really love it

  19. Yay! I have this little deer head and am going to immediately jazz him up. You always have the best ideas.

  20. this is so stinkin' fantastic. i love it.


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