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I came across this site "The Ones we LOVE" via one of my favorite blogs, A Cup of Joe. This site is so well put together and all about the ones we love. It highlights quite a few talented photographers and each of these talents contributes 6 photos of the person who is the MOST important to them! The portraits are mostly shot outside and each photographer writes an intro about that shoot or person...some are very sweet and some are obviously not so....perhaps some heartbreak?? Take a look for yourself. Some samples of what some of the shooters wrote about their subject. I fell in love with this site and actually went through every single name.....!



  1. this is amazing.
    thanks for the link

  2. what a fantastic site! i love it.

    and thanks for the blogroll add! :)

  3. Wow this is really awesome! :)

  4. and....i love your blog!always awesome!


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