for your weekend....

Its nice that Friday is here and some of us may get to relax and enjoy the weekend. While you're out with family, friends or your significant other, look around at life and take everything in. Talk to people that you normally wouldn't talk to, smile and say thank you to those around you. Be grateful. You are still here. Able to take in all the inspiration that surrounds you....



  1. I absolutely love the zebra print chair! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful words...just what I needed to hear at this very moment. Looking forward to yet another Parisian weekend! And btw, I'm loving that color palette in the, black, and accents of white. So darn pretty!

  3. hello PGS,
    glad you like the colors, me too!
    Im so jealous of your Parisian wknd!

  4. oh so pretty! I want to see more of your office!

    I adore your blog, glad I found it!


  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I am really excited to hear from you, since I've been a fan of your online shop since I started reading blogs last May/June. I can't remember where I heard about you, but I'm so glad to find out that you also have a blog! I can't wait to go through the archives!


  6. great weekend advice jen!
    hope you have a great one yourself!!! and i'm totally loving the collage - that zebra print chair, yummy!!!

    jenn lee

  7. I love it! I so badly want a collage of your's for my second e-zine!!!

    Anyway, I dare you to make some ndeur shoes. Think of it as a challenge, a contest if you will. I'll even give you a prize!!! :)

  8. great inspiration board!


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