Nespresso: A Cup Above for Breakfast

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is have a nice breakfast at home with family... & that includes coffee. There's something special about taking the time to cook & enjoy food together that creates memories.  In this particular case, maybe it's the hot pancakes stacked high, or the warm blueberry sauce dripping off the sides, or maybe it's the crispy bacon on the side.

One thing's for sure, a hot cup of foamy cappuccino with breakfast is always a must! Personally, we love Nespresso.  Not only do they have the best coffees with every level of intensity to suit your tastes, but the VertuoLine Evoluo machine from Nespresso takes it up a notch. The Evoluo makes superb American-style coffee as well as Espresso, and with the centrifuge technology, the rich crema on top makes every cappuccino smooth and frothy even before you add the milk.  In my case, I use soy milk, which is just as tasty. Breakfast without coffee would feel incomplete & I love how the aroma fills our apartment and really peps me up for the day.

If you don't remember,  this past year Nespresso welcomed George Clooney as its new brand ambassador in the U.S. & they launched their new campaign "Experience A Cup Above."  I enjoy Nespresso & their premium, single-serve coffee and if you've never tried Nespresso, it's time to experience 'A Cup Above' and Nespresso's elegant lifestyle - head over to a boutique and try all the different tastes they have until you find the one that's just right for you. Then take it home and create new breakfast memories.



  1. I love, love, love, your new design for your blog. It's so fresh and crisp! Happy New Year! 

  2. Julie - thanks glad u like! I prefer it this way too.. Gives a lot more options. ;) happy new year!


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