Hey everyone! Today, I wanted to share a little something I learned. 

During a photo shoot last year,  I noticed my make-up artist, Mayela Vazquez using a makeup palette with lots of colors for my lips. At first, I didn't know what to think. It looked like a painter's palette and a bit MESSY...Hmmm. I knew she did AWESOME work, so I wondered in silence where she got this palette from. 

When she was finished applying my lip color - I looked in the mirror & WOW! They looked fabulous & smooth! Perfection!  I somehow knew this palette (& her skills) had something to do with this. I asked her where she got the palette from...& this is what I learned from her.

After she told me, I decided to DIY this. So, if you want smooth, neat, long-lasting color..... keep reading.

  • Buy an empty make-up palette.  I bought the 35 well-pro lipstick palette from The Tanning Store.  It has 35 deep compartments, 14 large & 21 medium. This particular palette also includes a white center divider attached with a long hinge. The brand is by MITSUYOSHI. 
  • Purchase several of your favorite lipstick shades. I haven't filled up the palette yet, but I plan to. Right now I have about (12) of my favorite shades. From brands like Nars, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Givenchy & more. 
  • Once you purchase all the lip color,  add one color at a time by slicing the lipstick into rounds. It's easier this way, trust me. Maybe cut 2-3 rounds at a time into the palette compartment of your choice. The reason for starting off with 2-3 slices of lipstick color is because it is easier to mash the lipstick into the compartment with fewer rounds.  You can use any flat or rounded object to mash the lip color.  This part can get messy if you rush it. So, be patient & make sure your mashing object isn't too large.. 
  • Continue down the lipstick & cut 2-3 more slices off.  Repeat the mashing into the palette. Once a lip color is done, feel free to move onto the next lipstick shade. 
  • Once you have all your colors in the palette - it should look somewhat like mine - you can start testing it out on your lips. 
  • For trying the shades -  I recommend using a lip brush like the Sephora Pro Lip Brush #81 or the Make Up Forever #302 Precision brush.  Folks, using a brush to add color to your lips makes a HUGE difference!!  For one, the lipstick appears to look neater & your lips look more defined. Also, the color seeps into the lines in your lips & that allows the color to remain on your lips longer!!  Trust me, once you try this -  you will not turn back. 
  • A benefit of using a make-up palette for lipstick color is that it allows you to mix & match colors.  I've found that having all my shades available to me (at the same time) makes it easier to blend the perfect color for my lips!
  • Another item I added to my palette was lip gloss. I love Tickled Pink by Lancome it adds the perfect finishing touch to my lipstick!

-post & images by jen ramos



  1. if you put the palette in the microwave for a second or two - it smooths the lipsticks out in the palette beautifully :)


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