REAL LIFE: Iced COFFEE, dirty looks & spit up.

I used to love sitting quietly at Starbucks sipping on a soy cafe mocha & reading a book. Watching the people shuffling in & out with their coffee cups, listening to the annoyingly long names for coffee and everything else that happens in a big-city Starbucks.  Yesterday, I walked into Starbucks with my son Noah, who is now 7 months old.  We were alone and he was in his stroller. We stopped because I was hungry & figured it would be a quick way to get a breakfast sandwich & iced coffee. 

Ordered & then sat down while Noah sipped on some pedialyte next to me.  He is now holding his own bottle at 7 months, not perfectly coordinated.... but pretty darn good!  He started at 6 months, so I let him try when he wants to.  Anyway, all of a sudden his 3 ounces were finished & I was still eating my sandwich.  He needed to BURP, so I got him onto my lap.  My meal was now on hold...NORMAL occurrence when I'm with baby.  As I'm burping him, he spits up onto his pant legs, then all of a sudden throws up the pedialyte & it lands on the bench we're sitting!

My thought was "ugh, where is the napkin I had?" I scrambled to find a napkin, and noticed one under my sandwich!  Ummm, I realized I couldn't reach MY DIAPER BAG within the tight quarters we were in to get a washcloth, so I had to make due with one napkin!  The girl a seat away from me SAW EVERYTHING.  She even had 5 napkins or so on the bench next to her.  She looked at Noah & gave me a "not-so-nice look" then turned away.

Of course, for 2 seconds I wanted to tell her how "crappy" that was!   I mean, would it have killed her to offer one or two napkins?  BUT,  I kept my cool.  After that, I also had to change his pants in the middle of all the commotion around us......THANKFULLY, I managed to reach my bag and take out his emergency outfit.  So, there you have it.  That is what my Starbucks experience looks like as a mother.

It used to be me, my book & my cappuccino - now, it's me trying to juggle several things in my hands.  Every day that passes and I fall more & more into my role as a mom... & I realize why mothers are so tired by the end of the day.  Zzzzzz.

Oh, Starbucks.  I kinda miss our quiet time.

-post by jen ramos
-please excuse my punctuation, I am obviously not an English major.



  1. I'm surprised you didn't get the dirty look when you went in with the stroller. Strollers in the city seem to make everyone either give side eye or become absolutely blind. When I was working, ppl would hold doors open for me regularly. With a stroller? It is like I don't exist.

    I'm glad you didn't get flustered. Just wipe the puke, change the pants, and eat your sandwich :-)

  2. Being a mom is hard work, especially in NYC! I love following along and seeing the joy that your little man brings you and your family!

  3. Being a mom is hard work, especially in NYC! I love seeing the joy that your little man brings to you and your family!

  4. Love real life posts :) But seriously... how rude of that person to give you a nasty look! I can't believe that. You can only hope that one day she'll be a mother too - of twins. ;)

  5. lifebeginsatthirty: iM starting to see that more & more. I think there's a stigma that comes with a baby and a stroller. I know i used to think "oh great. now we are going to hear a noisy kid" But its all how the parents discipline their children. If they let them go crazy they will act crazy..and i can see why that would bother some people.
    Hopefully that will not be me!

  6. Hi, I can totally relate to your post! I am a recent mother as well. Not as recent as you (my daughter is 2)but life isn't always easy. Kids are a blessing but some days are challenging. Especially when you had so much time by yourself. I get it. I say that maybe once a week, your hubby could watch the little guy while you go to Starbucks by yourself just to recharge your batteries. It is good for the soul :)

  7. So, that girl in Starbuck's sounds like she wasn't a mom nor did she have a kind heart. I would have grabbed napkins and ran over to help. That's the mama in me, lol.
    Maybe she was having a bad day. We never know what others are going through.
    When people are like that near to me, I remind myself to pray for them (as much as I want to stick out my tongue at them). Not only does it calm my heart, but maybe that person really needs prayer in the moment.
    Anyhoo ~ try to get Starbuck's in alone, even if it's just once in awhile, when you can. Little "alone time" breaks are needed!

  8. I have 2 kids, i finish my days too exhausted

  9. Hi Jen,

    I am designing a room for a client and I thought of suggesting one of your frames. I still read your blog and follow you on Instagram. I am just quieter now because life is so darn busy.

    I completely understand what you're saying. As you know, I have three kids and honestly, I don't remember the last time I wasn't tired. I am CONSTANTLY TIRED and wishing I could go somewhere where I could relax and forget about all the errands and responsibilities. But this is life. I feel we're very Blessed for having the beautiful life and kids God gave us, but it's completely normal to feel overwhelmed at times.

    In regards to having kids in a big city... you will feel a little "left out" at times, get some looks, notice when people think "a kid, here?", but who cares? Don't give a "blah blah blah" about them. Live your life, embrace your love for your son and simply ignore or say what's in your mind about people like that.

    One thing I have learned after I turned 35... I am not afraid of speaking my mind if someone is crossing a line. Own your space and protect yours. Things tend to get better when you have this attitude.

    I feel so happy when I see pictures of you and your baby. I know you wished and prayed for this moment, Jen.

    Life is never easy, but it's good. :)

    Lots of love to you and your little one.

    Luciane from

  10. I loved this post. It can be quite exhausting, and it doesn't get any easier as they grow, they stop spitting up and start rubbing creams on all your furniture lol, I actually just did a blog post regarding that on


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