REAL LIFE: Bonding with Noah

Hello everyone, hope you had a great weekend!  

I used to wonder what it was like being around other moms in baby classes..... today I got to experience that.  It was such a joy being there with my little guy & bonding with him.  He was quiet at first, looking around, then slowly opening up & starting to smile. 

It's cool to see the other kids & their personalities...then compare them with your own.  As we were 15 min into the class, he spit up 3 times onto his socks, & a little on his pants! That is why he's wearing a bib in every photo!  Ha.  - Then he farted & I thought "yikes, did he just poop?"  - luckily no! All in all, it was REALLY sweet watching him smile up at me while I blew bubbles & clapped my hands... It was also cute seeing him stare in awe at the other children.

The classes are held at the Y, & they have many to choose from depending on your baby's age. I definitely recommend the 'babies together' classes!



  1. So, so relate to this! I have a 5 month old and have given up on trying to look civilized. That stinker could have helped you. Clearly she doesn't have a kid!

  2. So cute and sweet. He will grow SO fast. Cherish these moments, always. Great and cute pics. :)


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