DESIGN: Feminine Bedroom Decor

Hello dear readers, it's Monika from Style Loves Home here, bringing fresh dose of design! I've been lusting over those bedrooms for a while, I love their "boutique hotel" feel, pink shades, furry accessories and soft lines. They are so feminine and stylish, I would love to decorate my bedroom this way or all least add some of those cute accessories for a girly touch. 

This is what I would suggest if you're looking to give your bedroom a feminine flair!


pictures via vintagechicblog / livingpink / bhg

by Monika



  1. You have so nice blog - just found it!! :) <3 <3

  2. Love this inspiration! I absolutely love the dark grey and light pink look, super soft and sophisticated! x

  3. Love this inspiration! but my bedroom is a bedroom of two, and i am not sure if the other part will think the same ; )

  4. Such a pretty room - to make any girl feel like a princess :)


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