As many of you may know, I tend to drift toward rings & necklaces when it comes to jewelry. So, when Kelly Bello offered one of her fantastic pieces I opted for a necklace. However, I wanted something that would represent my family. So, I requested 3 necklaces with each letter (J,N,M).  They wrote me back & said they could try something different like putting all the letters on one chain.

Oh!! Well, I loved that idea even more!!! I was the first to get this beautiful & dainty necklace. It's called the mini-triple letter necklace, but I call it my family necklace.  It's made of 14K gold & has a 16" chain, the perfect length in my opinion. For you couples with no kids...yes, they also have the double-letter one too! - I love this brand, because like myself Kelly is a Hispanic entrepreneur & is based out of NYC.

Below are a few of my favorite pieces. That square with pearl ring, so luxurious don't you think??

Visit Kelly Bello Design for more.

-post by jen ramos



  1. Nice, unique pieces!



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