design: brass+mirror bedroom

Brass has been a big trend for a while now in interior design and I have to admit I still love it! But to make it more interesting why not to pair brass with mirrored finishes? I love how they work together in the space, creating a bridge between and old and the new, the vintage and contemporary. Antique brass and mirrors had their big come back and both look great in modern spaces, adding an interesting element and make the room so cozy. 

It's tricky to get it right but it's so worth the risk! I have put together a bedroom with this beautiful mirrored bed, soft textures and brass metallic details, aren't they great together? I hope you like it! xx Monika.

-post by Monika



  1. Oh my gosh these are beautiful!! I'm especially LOVING those bookends!

  2. Just love what you've collected here. I think it's easy to incorporate a little brass here and can actually look quite neutral at times.

  3. these are def my favorite combos!


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